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Dating Polish Girls - What is it like?

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Polish girls, unlike girls from Western countries, are brought up in close-knit families where mutual love and respect are priorities. Therefore family life is very important for them. From the very beginning Polish girls are taught to care not only for their immediate family and their distant relatives as well. Girls are taught to respect their siblings as well as their elders. The girls are not supposed to be obnoxious, loud, or ill mannered. On the contrary, they are expected to be well behaved, disciplined, cheerful and calm. Since the divorce rate is very low among Polish families, the girls learn to be mature and efficient in running the household early on in their life. It is easy then for them to apply the practical knowledge they gained at their own home once they get married and start their own family.

Early on in their lives, girls in Poland are taught to clean, cook, knit, sew, and mend clothes. Girls are expected to help their mothers with the housework. Since many women in Poland work outside of home, young girls are often expected to even take over their mothers’ housework duties such as grocery shopping, cooking, washing the dishes, and doing the laundry. Girls are a big help especially with the preparation for large family gatherings where there are a lot of dishes going around and a lot of cleaning later. Girls are encouraged early on to learn family recipes so that later on they can pass on the tradition of excellent dishes once they start their own families.

Polish girls are brought up to have great respect for their culture and tradition. This education usually begins at home. The parents and grandparents make the girls aware of a sense of patriotism and loyalty to their own country. The girls are taught traditional Polish songs that carry the history of Poland in their lyrics. Schools take over the function of instilling culture and tradition into Polish girls. Every school proudly displays Polish national emblems and the flag. Polish traditions are especially respected during two major religious holidays: Easter and Christmas. During Easter, young Polish females help prepare the food basket whereas during Christmas they work hard on getting the holidays meals ready while listening and singing Polish carols.

Just like culture and tradition are instilled into young Polish ladies early on in their lives, so are religious principles. The majority of Polish people are Catholics and the upbringing of Polish girls is based on the principles of Catholicism. As children and teenagers, young Polish girls are expected to attend church every Sunday. One of the very important events in the religious life of Polish girls is the first communion that prepares the girls to enter into adult life while minding religious rules. As religion is a very important aspect in bringing up Polish teens, they wait before starting their sex life until they find the right person to get married to. This is not to say that they do not date. They do. Many of them will start dating in high school and college and end up marrying their high school or college sweethearts after they are finished with their education. Polish girls are not as liberated and modern as western women and they take their commitments very seriously.

Girls from Poland attend coeducational schools where they receive equal education to the one boys get. They are brought up not only to excel at all the subjects but also to be disciplined students. They are usually quiet and very well mannered. Their education is not only comprehensive but also very much in-depth. Girls study arts, sciences, and foreign languages, and practice sports. Apart from being enrolled in compulsory courses, Polish girls also take part in many extracurricular activities. Many of them are in school basketball team, sing in the choir, or play in the school band. After graduating from grade school, Polish girls strive for a better education by attending colleges and universities. They often pursue careers in education, nursing, medicine, and engineering.

As teenagers, Polish girls enjoy many of the same things that girls from other countries do. As teenagers, the girls are encouraged to pursue their hobbies. They like to listen to music, dance, play sports and watch movies. Many of the girls belong to clubs of interest where they can share their talents among teenagers with the same interests. They are often encouraged to play different instruments whether at school or at music school or enroll in ballet classes.

Polish girls are known for their beauty, grace and femininity. Their unusual beauty has been recognized in 1990 when Agnieszka Kreglewska became not only Miss Polonia but also Miss World. They pride themselves on their taste in clothes and fashion. The closeness of Poland to the capital of the world’s fashion - France - makes it easy for them to follow the newest