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I was last year for one week in Poland, to be exaxctly in Kołobrzeg (Kohlberg) (is directly on the Baltic Sea). And well, for the eating habits that some Polish people have, like all are surprisingly good looking physique-wise. But okay, the city I was in directly lies on water and the sunlight is a good option for preventing weight increase. They live a somewhat healthy live there I would say. The girls were beautiful, heartwarming and welcoming. I like the hospitality that people from Poland have. And I experienced it on my own, because I was for three of the days a guest in a Polish family. And I was the only boy chosen by a girl. I had to share the damn bathroom with her. It's not the same as with a person from your gender. She constantly smiled at me and I was overwhelmed with her beautiful smile (I have not that much contact with girls). I don't know if she did that on purpose or not. It seems like I got a crush on her, but that was not so surprisingly after all (I mean, she was so cute in her school outfit :’) ). It's not usual that a Kaiju like me gets that close to a appealing girl. In my biased opinion Polish girls are beautiful and precious, etc. But the entire reality is obviously different.

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This is your place in the world and your life; go and do what you can with it, make it the life you want to live.

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