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  • I am a pretty woman with beautiful eyes. I like to travel, history and reading.
  • Whatevr people write here, describing the best sides of their nature ... In fact, we are more than
  • Mystery is my middle name, I explore the world with my senses, interesting music, beautiful views,
  • Meaning of life quest began inside of myself. I won't change the world, I don't want the world to c
  • A sanguine with a romantic-practical nature. I like to enjoy life, take what life gives. I love to
  • A well-behaved young lady who turns from time to time into a werewolf;). A well-mannered young lady
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Multitudinous fellas which settled in Norway told stories about Hot Ladiesfrom Poland:

My Polish GF was one of the most confusing people I have ever met. While I loved her dearly she was a major pain in the a$$ at times. She never ever knew what she wanted.

Heaps of Lonely Singles raised in Poland who peopled Norway said:

Never let anyone tell you that you have no right to be who you are.

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