AnnaMaria1990, 30

About AnnaMaria1990, the Polish Girl from Poland

Everyone says, that I'm nice and sympathetic . I think that's true. I love spending my free time with friends on talking and laughing a lot. I'm always able to give an advice or cheer up my friends. I love listening to music. IF You wanna know mord just write ;)
Photo of 'AnnaMaria1990', Woman from Poland, seeking men from abroad, lives in Poland
I live in:
, Poland
I think I'm attractive
Hair color:
Medium & Straight
Eye color:
Don't use
I have 1 or 2
Piercing in lip
Marital status:
1 child
More children:
I think I would like some...
My job:
High School
Smoking habits:
I smoke very rarely
Won't say no
Spare time:
Read books
I'm different than the others
Love is...:
It's the sense of life
Infidelity is...:
Unforgiven mistake
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