Jagiellonka5, 44

About Jagiellonka5, the Polish Woman from Katowice

Mam 146 centymetrów wzrostu ale duże serce,sama wychowuję dziewczynkę z domu dziecka.Uwielbiam czytać książki,kocham filmy i muzykę.Mam naturę romantyczki.Podobno jestem sympatyczna i inteligentna ;-) My english is not very good but i try. I am only 145 centimetres tall but I am brining big heart.I have little girl witch orphange.I love read the books,love film and music.I have a soul of the romantic. Supposedly I am inteligent and nice ;-)
Photo of Polish Lady ,'Jagiellonka5', wants to chat with someone. Lives Poland  Katowice
Photo of 'Jagiellonka5', girl from Poland, wants to chat with someone. Lives Poland  Katowice
Photo of Polish Lady ,'Jagiellonka5', wants to chat with someone. Lives Poland  Katowice
I live in:
Katowice, Poland
I do not feel attractive
Hair color:
Fair blond
Long & Straight
Eye color:
Don't use
No tatoos
No piercing
Marital status:
1 child
More children:
I think I would like some...
My job:
University some
Smoking habits:
I do not smoke at all
Im not fan of it
Spare time:
Go to cinema
I'm just myself
Love is...:
It's the gift from God
Infidelity is...:
Unforgiven mistake
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