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  • 19 years old, nice and nice girl;) Learning. My biggest dream is to go to North America someday
  • I'm an emotional and quite energetic person, stable in my feelings, full of joy and optimism. I pay
  • Mystery is my middle name, I explore the world with my senses, interesting music, beautiful views,
  • The more you know, the less mystery.
  • There is an unbreakable strength in me. And madness and a turbulent heart. There is a prayer within
  • When you catch me and investigate, I won't tell you a word, but if you make me chasing you, you'll
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Numberless dudes who were settled in Ireland told stories about Girls who was born in Poland:

4 out of 5 girls will want to share a bill when hanging out. Except for a "special or first date" ofc.

Heard from a horde of Girls who was born in Poland who lived in Ireland:

Find out who you are and stick to it. This is why you have been placed in this life. Find that one truth, and everything else will come with it.

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