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  • I am what I am. I like volleyball and traveling.
  • I am a mature lady..sensitive, very optimistic, full of ideas and positive energy with a life exper
  • I am like iceberg - you can see only the top, what is important you'll see when you will drown in m
  • A deliberate romantic, going crazy from time to time and redefining herself. I hate loneliness and
  • Hallo maine name ist Magdalena. Ich bin gry zum trefen nette leute nein beklopte. Ich Liebe kochen
  • Look deeper than in the eyes, look more carefully, see the soul. That is the human. Not the body on
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Hundreds of men which peopled Germany told stories about Women raised in Poland:

For some reason most Polish women have a thigh gap. which is rare in other countries, as far as I know. It makes me think that Polish women posses on average many of the qualities deemed as attractive in Western Culture.

A horde of Lonely polish Singles, which lived in Germany liked to say:

There may be times when you were born without wings, but most importantly, don't stop them from growing.

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