Polish girls tend to be prettier than British girls and dress more elegantly and femininely, which attracts men, while British men tend to be

Polish women who move to the UK become more promiscuous, new study shows.

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- Research finds they are also more prone to participate in risky sexual activity - It adds they're thrice prone to get or offer sex for favours - It also learned that 40 percent of respondents were under stress

Polish women are more promiscuous and prone to take part in sexually risky behaviour after settling in the united kingdom, according to a different study.

The investigation implies that young Polish women enjoyed 4x the maximum amount of sex after moving on the UK compared to what they did inside their strict Catholic homeland.

Rather than only were they making love more often, young Polish immigrants were often starting riskier activities for example group sex and swinging - and were more prone to cheat on the partner.

Grazyna Czubinska, who completed the analysis on the Polish University Abroad london, said: 'What was surprising was that Polish girls have sex 4 times more often than they might back Poland.

'In addition, women are branching out and utilizing various means for fulfilling their sexual needs, including swinging, group sex and internet based.' She declared while such behaviour may usually caused by excessive consumption of alcohol in Poland, in the united kingdom, drugs were more prone to be described as a factor.

The study found that on average, the sexual practices of Polish women in england were at least 2 times as risky as whatever they would participate in home, and betraying a partner was far more likely, too.

Miss Czubinska added that Polish migrants were also thrice more prone to get or offer sex for favours - often in exchange for shared accommodation, cleaning or cooking.

The investigation also found out that 40 per-cent of people who taken part in case study were under stress and admitted experiencing 'strong states of nervous tension'.

Dr Agata Smolen from Warsaw's Medical University, said the word what barrier, financial problems and being separated from family or partners was ordinarily a contributing factor towards increased levels of stress in migrants.

But Magdalena Konieczna, 32, a Pole who spent 36 months being employed as a waitress in the united kingdom before being home recently, said loneliness can also explain why immigrants seemingly be promiscuous within their new surroundings.

She said: 'When you're lonely abroad it is very an easy task to feel vulnerable and therefore fall prey to the kind of behaviour you wouldn't imagine in Poland.

'Also, Polish girls are usually prettier than British girls and dress more elegantly and femininely, which pulls men, while British men are usually more attractive in their looks and behaviour than the Polish men most girls meet home.

'One means of coping with the strain of getting away from home initially is to meet people, head to parties enjoy yourself. For girls that will invariably lead to hanky panky.' She also blamed poor standards of sex education in Poland because of its citizens' promiscuity abroad.

'Girls may know about where babies come from', Miss Konieczna added, 'but they might not be so conscious of the risks associated with sleeping with plenty partners'.

Ola Kaminska, 26, a compatriot who spent 2 yrs in Birmingham building hotel bar, said: 'Being abroad is similar to standing on holiday, even whether it is an operating holiday.

'You begin to see the same behaviour vacation, Italy and Germany.

'Young everyone has sex.' PUA surveyed 500 people who filled in questionnaires while remaining anonymous. The university was established in Paris in 1939 for the exact purpose of providing an origin to train for exiled Poled during the occupation of these homeland. After december France the university was re-established from the Polish government in exile in London.